Sound Verses & Senses: A Music-Poetry Cross-pollination (Dedicated to the memory of Steve Bankole Omodele Rhodes) 

(Conceived & Directed by Jahman Anikulapo; Produced by Culture Advocates Caucus, CAC)


Date: Saturday April 25, Time: 7pm;  Venue: Amphi Theatre, Freedom Park, Lagos


PREAMBLE: Before he passed on six years ago, the Art impresario Steve Bankole Omodele Rhodes had been working on a sound fusion experimentation through which he desired to explore the relationship between rare traditional musical instruments and Western instruments in contemporary urban Lagos musical forms. He had gone as far as collecting a lot of such rare, almost extinct instruments and was already researching into their musical implication for today’s sound. It seems that the idea of UHURU Sound – a concept developed by the multi-instrumentalist, Ceph and the poet Abdulrasaki Ivori --  is a continuation of the Steve Rhodes dream. This concept has been adopted into Sound Verses & Senses for the LBHF.  This project is thus a tribute to the unfinished work of Steve Rhodes.


CONCEPT: Sound Verses & Senses is a surgical experiment to be carried out in the full view of an ‘initiate’ audience. The surgery in place here is Creative Sound. The surgeons are professional instrumentalists. The anaesthetist shall be griots and poets. The surgical instruments are musical instruments from the times when Africa thought and sang for itself… when Africa wasn’t an award-winning student of western creative class… sounds spurned off the resourcefulness of Africa in an era inspired by its own words, time and space. SV&S is thus a re-creational experiment between indigenous instruments and griots to rediscover ‘lost’ folk sounds and invoke ‘vanishing’ memories. The idea is to have a musical sound infusion on live stage, set in a theme reminiscent of quintessential times when Africans congregated communally to display individual or group talents and skills in the village square under moonlight -- oiled by merriment, especially palm wine… a time when priests, griots and bards would team up with sound makers to tell tales of history and the future to come. 



Sound fusions – This showcases experimental instrumentalists who perform to expound on their new compositions and theses… 

Solos -- artistes renowned for their innovative touch on a particular instrument are ‘unleashed’…

Chanters & Poets – Renowned traditional praise poets -- chanters and ‘reciters’ – with ‘unique acts’ dialogue with young and new poets to ‘foretell’ the future of African poetry.

Lagos Beats -- Musicians from ‘downtown Lagos sound enclaves’ in conversation with young Afro-jazz fusionists.




a. MUSIC: 

Agidigbo – from Isale Eko; 

Sound Experiment-- Seph & Friends

Renaissance Band  -- IT Students band from Freedom Park



  1. Fortune Chukwuebuka
  2. Razaq Ivori
  3. Ajobiewe
  4. Adunni Nefretiti
  5. Ayo Ewebiyi
  6. Jumoke Oke
  7. Uche Uwadinachi

Anchor: Ben Tomoloju (Eko waterfront flavour from Ilaje)



Rasaq Ivori

Segun Adefila

Jahman Anikulapo