Freedom Park now bestrides where once a notorious colonial prison - Broad Street Prison - stood. Torn down in the post-military era to make way for real estate scramble, the coveted site was rescued through the initiative of a group of thoughtful young architects, and the foresight of the Lagos State government, and designated a cultural arena. Today, the Park boasts tree-lined walks, restaurants, book stall, cultural and tourist wares and public internet facilities, housed within the very cells that once held political and other prisoners. The main performance stage is erected on the very spot where the prison gallows once carried out its grisly work. A number of other prison features have been preserved – visitors will be able to see the well which served the prison for water supply, while relics of that dismal building are displayed in the Park gallery. Landscaped with a ‘green’ sensibility, Freedom Park combines modern recreational facilities with the patina of history, testifying to the vibrancy of a society that constantly re-invents itself.